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Lutron HomeWorks¨ QS adaptive dimmer HQRD-6NA- 100% - 1% 1 Ð 8 1 Ð 4 Lutron HomeWorks¨ QS 600W dimmer HQRD-6ND- 100% - 1% 1 Ð 8 1 Ð 4 Lutron HomeWorks¨ QS 1000 W dimmer HQRD-10ND- 100% - 1% 1 Ð 13 1 Ð 6 1 Dimmer compatibility reflects performance compatibility only. Please reference your local codes for application. Brand Series Model Number Max Load 750lm DRD5S4R07 Max Load 1000lm DRD5S4R10 Cooper Aspire 9573 29 23 Leviton Vizia VPE06 64 48 Lutron CL Series AYCL-253, DVCL-253 26 20 Grafik Eye 3000 QSGR-3P, QSGR-6P 31 24 Grafik Sys / Homeworks ...

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Compatible Dimming XTM • Subject to change without notice • Rev 2019.07.29 • 1/2 Compatible Dimming Xicato (XTM) ONBOARD DIMMING SERIES & RANGES SERIES S P P1 L LE LH D DRIVER Phase 0-10V LUTRON 3-Wire LUTRON Phase LUTRON EcoSystem DALI 120V Input 100–10% 100–10% 100–1% 100–1% 100–1% 100–1% 100–1%
Apr 02, 2014 · • LED Bulbs ..... pages 43 – 46 Table of Contents This list is intended to be used as a guide when selecting bulbs to be used with Lutron C•L dimmers. Lutron C•L dimmers have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards. Lutron has performed extensive testing on many LED and CFL lamps. Lumaris LED Linear Lighting ® High-quality, even lines of illumination and guaranteed LED compatibility with 1% Lutron dimming CE Certified Lumaris LED linear lighting Small profile and various linkable lengths for many applications Diffused lens conceals LED hot spots and eliminates glare Guaranteed smooth, flicker-free continuous dimming from 100% to 1% 10 year limited warranty

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LED Array. Field interchangeable and upgradable ... = Xicato XTM Artist Series, Zhaga compatible, 95 CRI min, 2700 K CCT: A930 ... Lutron HomeWorks : 600 W Dimmer HxD ...
25-gen-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "camera cinema" di Morgana Nichetti su Pinterest. Visualizza altre idee su Arredamento, Camera da letto, Arredamento d'interni. Lutron HomeWorks QS HQRD-10ND L 1-25 1-18 1-18 1-18 1-13 1-11 Lutron HomeWorks QS HQRD-6CL L 1-18 Lutron HomeWorks QS HQRA-6CL L 1-18 Lutron HomeWorks QS LQSE-4A1-D L/T 1-8 1-16 1-11 1-9 1-9 Lutron HomeWorks QS MQSE-4A1-D L/T 1-8 1-16 1-11 1-9 1-9

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“Lutron Caséta is the best brand for smart switches. They work flawlessly, look good, and are super easy to setup. They are also the most compatible smart switch working with all the big players which should make it future proof.”
(2) Be able to dim and/or turn interior lights on/off with the Lutron app, Alexa, and manually. I did find all compatible switches on Lutron's website, but for a tech company I found the website hard to use and couldn't find a way to filter capabilities. Sep 08, 2017 · Complete compatibility: Works with all existing HomeWorks QS components with access to all HomeWorks QS luxury control options. DPMs also provide the best LED dimming performance available, including options for phase control, 0-10V and digital.

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Lutron's NEW facility management tool empowers you to manage your building from anywhere. Easily monitor, control and optimize a Lutron control system from any tablet, PC or smartphone. Each feature is designed around what is most important to you - how well your building is working.
Lutron: Lutron: Lutron: Lutron: Name: Diva LED+ Dimmer Switch for Dimmable LED, Halogen and Incandescent Bulbs, Single-Pole/3-Way, w/ Wallplate, Light Almond: Diva Dimmer for 0-10V LED/Fluorescent Fixtures, Single-Pole or 3-Way, White: Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Switch for All Bulb Types or Fans, White Mode App Note (Lutron P/N 048370) HomeWorks QS adaptive dimmer HQRD-6NA- LED Lutron A-Series 2-Wire HomeWorks QS 600 W dimmer HQRD-6ND- LED Lutron A-Series 2-Wire HomeWorks QS 1000 W dimmer HQRD-10ND- LED Lutron A-Series 2-Wire Stanza dimmer SZ-6ND- Trim low-end per Dimmer Installation Guide

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Lutron doesn't specifically mention HomeKit compatibility for the new fan controls, but the existing Caseta system does support HomeKit through a smart bridge. Lutron at ISE 2017 today announced that its whole-home systems HomeWorks QS and GRAFIK RA 2 will support Apple HomeKit in March.
HomeWorks is the lighting automation company’s line of fixtures, shades, and dimmers that simplify and streamline installation for superior control. Lutron’s LED light fixtures feature advanced dimming, circadian tunability, and easily adjustable settings to help you craft the perfect look for your space. Mode App Note (Lutron P/N 048370) HomeWorks QS adaptive dimmer HQRD-6NA- LED Lutron A-Series 2-Wire HomeWorks QS 600 W dimmer HQRD-6ND- LED Lutron A-Series 2-Wire HomeWorks QS 1000 W dimmer HQRD-10ND- LED Lutron A-Series 2-Wire Stanza dimmer SZ-6ND- Trim low-end per Dimmer Installation Guide

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Pulse Width Modulation Interface; Lutron GRX-PWM: Provides interface for phase control input to provide full 16 A circuit output of switching and PWM low voltage control for compatible fluorescent electronic dimming ballasts or LED drivers. 2.07 LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM PROCESSOR P/N 0560013 Rev. N 260943-14 26 0943 – NETWORK LIGHTING CONTROLS ...